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Life is full of moments, big and small, that we wish we could hold on to forever … that is where I come in as your photographer. Whether it is your first professional profile shot to launch your new business or a major life event chalk full of intimate little moments that you want to live on, I am here to capture that for you and with you.


Born and raised in Berkeley, California, I enjoy the diversity of life that is the Bay Area. I have worked as a photographer and photo editor for over 10 years; I have experience as a lead photographer for community events, company events, professional profile shots, glam shots, and more.


Capturing the beauty in nature is truly magical; from the quiet and tranquil shots that showcase life outside of the daily hustle to the beauty of urban life where people are deeply connected, I believe that some things can last forever … that is the magic of photography.


My name is Devin Jones and it is a pleasure to meet you, I am looking forward to our journey. 

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Email: djonespix@gmailcom

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